About us

The cabinetmaking workshop has been manufacturing excellence in craftsmanship, furniture and custom design in solid wood.

Artisanal manufacture favours noble and local essences to offer exceptional eco-responsible furniture 100% French.

It is in the heart of the Dordogne that craftsmen began to make reproductions of antique furniture for the exceptional castles and residences of the region. The models multiply, are refined, and are embellished to form a unique collection consisting of the bedside table, side table, library, coffee table, dresser, console, bed, stand…

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It is now the fourth generation of executives, who, since 2020, have instilled a new dynamic of creation, offering customers the guarantee of a work of impeccable quality, in compliance with commitments and needs. Borrowing from strong ethical and environmental convictions, we are part of a sustainable approach where respect for people and nature is central, while valuing historical know-how.

Today, ADBR supports its clients in tailor-made projects for the whole world, in collaboration with designers and architects.