To meet your needs or desires, we offer you the benefit of our experience in design and our professionalism to combine the aesthetic, functional and financial parameters of the project. Wood can reign alone, or be combined with other materials (marble, leather, glass, metal…), with which we ensure manufacture by coordinating the work of fellow craftsmen.

savoir-faire surmesure


The furniture is made in France, in our workshop and the wood we select comes from local forests.

Starting from the solid log, each board is cut, surfaced, machined, assembled, etc. The exceptional craftsmen shape your furniture by hand, focusing on details, respecting the rules of the art; to obtain high-end equipment, intended to last.


Each client is unique. Depending on the spaces you present to us, and on your projects, we design customised layouts to ensure a personalised and optimised interior. We share our passion for decoration by offering practical solutions and mixtures of materials and styles: the essential thing is to create a harmonious and comfortable atmosphere that meets your expectations.

savoir-faire agencement chalet
savoir-faire restauration


This is another facet of the cabinetmaker than restoring old furniture or products. It does not have to be a museum or a collector’s piece to be restored; there is furniture that is steeped in history and deserves to be handled by experienced cabinetmakers. They shall ensure its preservation and authenticity, or, if necessary, adapt it to new uses.