Quality assurance begins with the choice of wood used, which we do meticulously. It continues in the precision of the implementation details that each of us puts at the heart of our work. All steps are monitored and followed for a zero defect goal in our workshop. The purpose of this approach is to closely monitor all stages to ensure that our quality and deadline requirements are met.



Respect for the environment and people is at the heart of our approach. We work with solid wood because it can be repaired and recycled, and we use local wood to reduce its carbon footprint. Suppliers are sawmills that are respectful in the way they exploit forests. Wood falls and waste are valued. The finishing products are eco-friendly to preserve the air quality of your interiors and the well-being of craftsmen.

Production 100% FR

Made in France

From design to finishing, everything is done in France, in our workshop in Dordogne. Our co-contractors are also French, and as demanding as we are in choosing and sourcing high-quality materials. Proximity to you allows us greater responsiveness.



In addition to supporting clients in their projects, we publish our own collections, inspired by our experiences and desires, with a continued desire to maintain a link between tradition and modernity. We seek to sublimate the materials and to reappropriate the patterns and forms of other eras, and other cultures to offer you original and timeless creations that will embellish your interiors.


Listening and advice

Each project is different because each customer has a story, desires, and a specific place. Our advice will accompany you throughout the project thanks to a great knowledge of interior decoration and design. You will be advised by qualified craftsmen so that initial ideas and desires can be achievable and sustainable over time.


Respect for commitments

We study every project in every detail to meet your needs, and make every effort to meet your budget and schedule. Everything has been done internally by our artisans, and we serenely commit to you concerning quality, and the deadlines announced, while remaining at your disposal to provide you with the necessary solutions in case of unforeseen events.